Outfit of the Day — August 23, 2015


This summer I have been going to the office five days a week for my marketing internship. While I am used to the anything — and I mean anything — goes dress code of college classes, I looked forward to a tacitly understood dress code of professionalism. I value outward presentation and consider it an art form, and it’s energizing to be around people who feel the same way. Working in the fashion industry asks for more creativity (and less formality) than the stereotypical skirt suit or neutral-colored shift, and sometimes the line between “fashion-forward”  and “too casual”  can be confusing. My strategy is to dress as vibrantly and adventurously as I like, as long as I don’t show much skin. Luckily midi skirts have been on trend lately, especially full or high-waisted styles.


XOXO top; Forever 21 skirt

I don’t often mix prints, merely because the majority of my wardrobe is solids, so I was excited to try it today. The sweater and the skirt don’t clash because: a) one print is small and the other is large b) one print is neutral and the other is loud and c) they are both florals.


White House Black Market cardigan

Okay, maybe their flowery similarity doesn’t technically matter, but piling on florals in an outfit never fails to make me happy. There is even a flower on the handbag!


Chateau tote bag 

Yet my favorite part of the outfit is this pearl necklace from my mother.


Pearls are everywhere, but I think the baroque cut is more sophisticated. It has a look reminiscent of the pearls’ oceanic roots.

WIN_20150823_08_16_43_Pro     WIN_20150823_08_16_33_Pro   WIN_20150823_08_16_53_Pro

Pearl earrings from my mother, Macy’s cuff;    Eton ring that tells the time;   Vintage bracelet watch, vintage ring 

WIN_20150823_08_14_17_Pro    WIN_20150823_08_14_27_Pro    WIN_20150823_08_14_38_Pro

BCBG heels 

These super-feminine shoes are professional without being severe.


Topshop        Cacharel   M Missoni

Topshop, $48                                 Cacharel, $61                           M. Missoni, $75

Lela Rose        Paul Smith  Kenzo

Lela Rose, $95                             Paul Smith, $100                         Kenzo, $193

Peter Pilotto  Milly    Rag and Bone

Peter Pilotto, $220                      Milly, $231                                       Rag & Bone, $245

For Edition01   Stella McCartney  Chanel 7

Marios Schwab, $370                       Stella McCartney, $395                      Chanel, $470

Gianni Versace         Alexander McQueen

Gianni Versace, $575            Versace, $750                    Alexander McQueen, $780

Alaia     Oscar de la Renta  Pierre Cardin

Alaia, $785            Oscar de la Renta, $1,120     Pierre Cardin/Bonwit Teller, $2,600


Majorica  Vendome     Vintage

Majorica, $127                           Vendome, $350                             Vintage, $395

Miriam Haskell      Miriam Haskell 2

Miriam Haskell, $450                   Schiaparelli, $450                     Miriam Haskell, $975

Vintage 2  Miriam Haskell 3   Kate Wang

Vintage, $1,530                             Miriam Haskell, $1,875                   Kate Wang, $1,995

Vintage 3    M. Haskell        Chanel 4

Vintage, $2,930                           M. Haskell, $3,250                                Chanel, $3,800

Vintage 4  Chanel 5      Chanel 6

Vintage, $3,800                           Chanel, $6,500                                        Chanel, $6,500

Russell Trusso      Vintage 5  David Webb

Russell Trusso, $8,256               Vintage, $15,500               David Webb, $43,890


Juicy Couture  Emilio Pucci     Tiffany & Co.

Juicy Couture, $100                        Emilio Pucci, $245                   Tiffany & Co., $245

Michael Kors 2  Louis Vuitton      MCM

Michael Kors, $360                        Louis Vuitton, $385                      MCM, $387

Yves Saint Laurent 2  Loeffler Randall      Sophie Hulme

Yves Saint Laurent, $400             Loeffler Randall,$445             Sophie Hulme, $645

Valentino 3  Bottega Veneta      Chanel 2

Valentino, $920                            Bottega Veneta, $995                         Chanel, $995

Fendi 3  Valentino 4      Chanel 3

Fendi, $1,295                                  Valentino, $1,998                               Chanel, $2,130

Alaia 2  Celine 2      Christian Dior

Alaia, $2,250                              Celine, $2,800                                Christian Dior, $4,000

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