Undone — The NYU FBA Fashion Show

FBA Flyer

Undone Fashion Show flyer

Joining the NYU Fashion Business Association has been pivotal for me. Since NYU is not fashion-specific like FIT or LIM, there is no clearly defined path of study for students who want to work in fashion. The FBA brings NYU’s fashion culture together for career-related workshops and events. My personal favorite was the Alumnae Event, where five NYU alumnae who went on to work in fashion came to speak to us about their career journeys.

You might think I misspelled “alumnae”; I can assure you I did not. “Alumnae” is the plural of “alumna”, a female graduate. One thing I like about the fashion industry is that it is dominated by women. My mother told me that she named me “Brett”, a name that is 98% male, so that it would be easier for me to get a job. Yet each of my bosses in the fashion industry has been a woman. And I changed my name to “Brette” when I was fifteen, so it all worked out for the best.

But even more important for the FBA than our career events is our annual fashion show. This year the theme was “Undone”, as reflected by the unadorned white butterflies in our advertising campaign and the deconstructed look of some of the designs.

Model -- Tsed   Model -- Amanda 2   Model -- Amanda

Tsedaye Kifle, model          Amanda Lewis, model                Amanda Davis, model 

Model -- Monica  Model -- Lara  Model -- Nathalie

Monica Lin, model                 Lara Ciritci, model                                Nathalie, model 

Model -- Kate  Model -- Rachael  Model -- Sophie

Katherine Heldt, model          Rachael Anadon, model             Sophie Svoboda, model 

Model -- Hannah  Model -- Sydney  Model -- Ambreen

Hannah Morris, model            Sydney George, model                 Ambreen, model 

As a member of the Day of Show Committee, I papered the NYU buildings with flyers and started setting up early in the morning for the 7pm show. In keeping with the undone theme, we decorated the tables with fragile pink and white butterflies. The FBA also had customized M&Ms made for the show!

FBA                  FBA 2

A butterfly takes a seat on a candle to watch the show  

Bags of customized FBA M&Ms and rock candy for our guests

FBA Day of Show Committee       Brette FBA

Me and four other members of the Day of Show Committee. I am wearing a Jax jumpsuit, vintage earrings, and a necklace from my mother        

Setting up goody bags from FBA and Bloglovin’ before the show

As the organization’s name suggests, FBA members tend to be more focused on the business side of fashion (buying, merchandising, marketing, public relations, finance, etc.) For this reason, we recruit FIT and Parsons students and alumni to showcase their collections for the fashion show. Undone featured Olive Wu, Vanessa Sepul-Azcarraga, Selma Zhang, Jessica Hu, Jessica Chen, and Oliver Zhang. Here are my favorite looks of the evening:

Olive Wu  Vanessa Sepul-Arizaga  Vanessa Sepul-Arizaga 2

Olive Wu                    Vanessa Sepul-Azcarraga                       Vanessa Sepul-Azcarraga

Vanessa Sepul-Arizaga 3  Jessica Chen  Jessica Chen 2

Vanessa Sepul-Azcarraga                Jessica Chen                               Jessica Chen

Jessica Hu  Jessica Hu 2  Oliver Zhang

     Jessica Hu                                       Jessica Hu                                       Oliver Zhang

Oliver Zhang 2  Oliver Zhang 3  Oliver Zhang 4

Oliver Zhang                                   Oliver Zhang                                Oliver Zhang

Oliver Zhang 5  Oliver Zhang 6  Oliver Zhang 7

Oliver Zhang                                         Oliver Zhang                              Oliver Zhang 

Selma Zheng  Selma Zheng 2  Selma Zheng 3

Selma Zheng                                        Selma Zheng                               Selma Zheng

Oliver Zhang 8

A model whose shoes had fallen off her first time down the runway

I am a huge fan of Bloglovin’ for obvious reasons, and I was so happy that they were one of our sponsors!

FBA Bloglovin

Two Bloglovin’ interns pose with a goody bag 

Advertising photography by Aaron Kho

Event photography by Francisco Solano 

Held on the top floor of the Kimmel building with a view of the Empire State Building and Washington Square Park, it was an unforgettable night. Can’t wait till next year!

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