Video — “Teen Idle” by Marina and the Diamonds

Here is a video I made for one of my favorite songs. I love music, but most songs I hear function as entertainment. “Teen Idle,” however, really touches me. Marina Diamandis is a genius lyricist, and the entire Electra Heart album is at once critical and beautiful.

Song: “Teen Idle”. Artist: Marina and the Diamonds. Album: Electra Heart. Written by Marina Diamandis. Produced by Liam Howe. Labels: 679, Atlantic. 

Below: Fashion inspired by Marina and the song


Aeropostale   New Look 2   New Look

                          Aeropostale, $5         New Look, $6                New Look, $6

Dolls Kill  JC Penney     Urban Outfitters

                         Dolls Kill, $6                 JC Penney, $11            Urban Outfitters, $24

Johnny Loves Rosie  Federica Moretti     Louis Vuitton 3

                    Johnny Loves Rosie, $33        Federica Moretti, $72      Louis Vuitton, $220


Chi Chi London    True Decadence  Petorhouse

                          Chi Chi London, $67     True Decadence, $91      Petorhouse, $98

          Vintage 6      Tony Bowls

                          DressPerfect, $99            Vintage, $100                 Tony Bowls, $100

    HotSquash        HotSquash 2  Ariella Roseanna

                      HotSquash, $230            HotSquash, $230             Ariella Roseanna, $380


Bling Jewelry  Bling Jewelry 2     Bling Jewelry 3

                  Bling Jewelry, $17               Bling Jewelry, $21             Bling Jewelry, $33

Bling Jewelry 4   Bling Jewelry 5    Bling Jewelry 6

                 Bling Jewelry, $47                 Bling Jewelry, $50              Bling Jewelry, $50

Vintage 7

Vintage, $283

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