Style Icon — Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding 9

My own introduction to Ellie Goulding came through Forever 21. I worked at the exciting (read: chaotic) store for nearly two years, and grew to love its soundtrack of Eighties music, obscure remixes, and trendy new artists. In 2011 Ellie Goulding was one such trendy new artist, and I fell so in love with her ethereal voice and intriguing folktronica that I didn’t mind hearing “Lights” basically every day. Three years later, Ellie Goulding is more than just still relevant – she’s at the top of her game. With a new pop album that caters to a more mainstream audience, she is topping the charts and being photographed everywhere. Yet despite the constant attention, no one seems to catch Ellie Goulding on an off day. Her style ranges from grunge to chic to sexy, and she owns it. Defending the sexy element, she once said, “My management would never force me to do anything, because they know I’m strong-minded. I’ve never been an artist to say ‘Okay, I’ll wear that’, or ‘I’ll wear less’. I just don’t want to not make the most of my body.” As a wearer of short skirts and dresses myself, I find it insulting that any reporter would think wearing them is more likely to be a business decision than a personal one. But Goulding handled it with grace. Here are some of her best looks:

Ellie Goulding 3    Ellie Goulding 7

                                   At the Brit Awards (Elle)             (Daily Mail)

Ellie Goulding 5   Ellie Goulding 8

                     In London (Daily Mail)      At BBC Radio 1 Studios (

Ellie Goulding 4  Ellie Goulding 2

Rihanna for River Island sweatshirt, Coincidence and Chance shorts (Teen Vogue)                                                         In Verona, Italy. Christian Louboutin boots (Daily Mail)

Ellie Goulding 6   Ellie Goulding

At BBC Radio 1 Studios. Avelon jeans (Daily Mail)       (

New York Fashion Week — September 10, 2015

Fashion Week goes by so fast! With 188 different collections and about 20-60 looks per show, there is so much to digest in a mere ten-day period. If you’re in college, think of it this way; on the busiest days, like Friday and Saturday, it was logistically possible to attend twelve shows in a single day. That’s about the same time commitment as six class sessions. Of course Fashion Week is not like a day of classes in any other respect, and few things thrill me more than photos from the latest shows popping up online at every minute. It’s just a lot to process in real time. Even so, I intend to continue to break down the Spring 2016 flurry by the daily unit, to ensure that I cover a diverse spectrum of lines and do them justice.



NYFW Street Style

September 10 was a day of many things, especially prints. As anyone who is old enough knows, Miranda Priestly would not be impressed by florals for spring. That is precisely why I think she would admire this particular spring for its geometry, color blocking, and renegade abstract fervor. Below are my favorite prints from Thursday, large and small, floral and otherwise.

JSong RTW Spring 2016
JSong RTW Spring 2016

A playful yet elaborate line drawing of Manhattan brings a character and a narrative to this otherwise simple dress. I’m already imagining what neighborhood the model will go to first and what crazy events will transpire when she gets there.

Ohne Title RTW Spring 2016
Ohne Titel RTW Spring 2016

The bright orange contrast, broad line widths, intricacy of the line composition, and sweeping swaths of background white set this chevron print apart.

Gant RTW Spring 2016
Gant RTW Spring 2016

No spring is complete without its blossoms. These spare, stark flowers have the gracefulness of an ink drawing.

Kempner RTW Spring 2016
Kempner RTW Spring 2016

Monochromatic color blocking is bold but a little expected. When the stripes flip sideways and zigzag furiously into compression, the effect is dizzying and captivating.

Desigual RTW Spring 2016
Desigual RTW Spring 2016

My favorite print of all! Peacocks and other lively creatures dance across what would otherwise be a basic, dare I say preppy, stripe, creating a new narrative with the vibrance and ambiguity of an abstract painting. If ever you hear someone say fashion isn’t art the way painting or music is, show them this dress.

Erin Fetherston RTW Spring 2016
Erin Fetherston RTW Spring 2016

This crochet print is geometric, no doubt, but without the harsh angles associated with the word. With a calming pale backdrop and thin, unassuming stripes, it gives the impression of a very tranquil sea.

Tess Giberson RTW Spring 2016

Tess Giberson

The distinctions are so muted that at first glance one might not even call this a print. Yet when one looks closely the rounded, artfully layered shapes emerge, like wispy clouds drifting through a twilight sky.

Model on the catwalk
Model on the catwalk

Pyer Moss

This collection centered decisively on American police brutality, using the abrasiveness of neck bands and seat belt hardware to capture an unforgiving society where every individual has to fend for him- or herself and the very people we are told will help us can turn and end our lives with nothing more than a feeble excuse. This print may be small, but its many bright colors and clustering at the top of the coat give it power.

Yuna Yang RTW Spring 2016

Yuna Yang

Large pink satin flowers are girlishly exuberant, yet kept grounded by a black backdrop.

Ulla Johnson RTW Spring 2016

Ulla Johnson

Far more beguiling than a bald-faced polka dot, this conversational print of tiny hearts complements the yoke neck and ruffled skirt.

WWD Credits: 

Street style photos, Liz Devine. Runway photos, Courtesy Photo. 

Street Style — Hong Kong Fashion Week

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 took place from Monday, January 19 through Thursday, January 22 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, this event featured over 1,500 presentations in the categories of ladies’ wear, sportswear, evening wear, lingerie, swimwear, shoes, costume jewellery, handbags, men’s wear, children’s wear, fabrics, buttons, labels, inspection services, and fashion magazines. Of course the runway shows themselves were beautiful, but the guests in attendance were anything but wallflowers. Here are the most inspiring off-runway looks from the event:

Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong 7

Hong Kong 3

Hong Kong 5

Hong Kong 2

Hong Kong 6

Hong Kong 4

Style Icon — Marina and the Diamonds

Everyone who knows me knows that I live for the music of Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds, and if I find out that someone does not like either of these artists, I regard him or her with a healthy amount of suspicion. As if it isn’t enough that I have fifty-two of Marina’s songs on my iPod, I also adore her sense of style. She has described her fashion sense as “vintage, cheerleader, and cartoon,” and her style icons are Gwen Stefani, Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes, and Shirley Manson of Garbage. Here are my favorite Marina looks:





Marina and the Diamonds (aka Marina Diamandis) was born in Brynmawr, Wales and began her musical career in London. She has released two albums, The Family Jewels and Electra Heart, and will be releasing Froot in its entirety this coming April. She has also collaborated with Charli XCX and BetaTraxx, and has covered songs by Gwen Stefani, Justin Bieber, 3OH!3, Late of the Pier, and Paolo Nutini. She has had two headlining tours, The Family Jewels Tour and The Lonely Hearts Club Tour, and has toured with both Katy Perry and Coldplay as a supporting act. She has won the following awards: Best UK & Irish Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards (2010), Best Newcomer at the Virgin Media Music Awards (2010), and Best Music Award at the Attitude Magazine Awards (2012). She even has a fashion line, 11 Diamonds.

Style Icon — Athena Calderone

Athena Calderone graduated from Parsons, has done modeling and created a line of custom children’s products. She is now an interior designer and writer of the blog Eye-Swoon. 

Athena in Suno          Athena in a jumpsuit

(Left) Suno dress

Athena in A.L.C.   Athena in black

(Left) A.L.C. dress, Nicholas Kirkwood pumps

Athena in fur   Athena in Peter Pilotto

(Right)  Reformation top, Peter Pilotto skirt

Athena in white   Athena in Topshop

(Right) Topshop top, Helmut Lang pants, Alejandro Ingelmo shoes