Mahi Leather Contest

I like free stuff. I do. No one could dislike their cost-free quality as such. But the problem with free stuff is that sometimes it just isn’t that good. Like a free canvas shopping bag or a free chapstick or a free perfume sample that sprays approximately five times before running out.

But a few days ago I found out that British handbags and accessories brand Mahi Leather is giving away free stuff, and it’s good. More specifically: a backpack, plain or customized, at a $120-$150 retail value. The entry process is simple and has a personal touch: send an email to with your favorite backpack, your desired letters and your delivery address. Add to that the freedom of being allowed to enter as many times as you want. They will randomly select one winner every two weeks until the end of June (three chances to win).

Mahi Collage

Up for grabs are four styles of backpacks: the Classic, the Roma, the Explorer, and the Nomad, in multiple colorways (9 for the Classic, 2 for the Roma and Explorer). Add to that the customization element: up to three letters embroidered by hand in one of three colors. That means…

[1 Classic (9 colors) + 1 Roma (2 colors) + 1 Explorer (2 colors) + 1 Nomad] 3 embroidery colors (1 non-customized + 26 single letters + 26² two-letter combos + 26³ three-letter combos) 


…there are literally 767,718 ways you can do this. So you could do your own initials, or not. Some three-letter combos that I think would be fun:

Mahi Words

I for one would select the Classic Backpack in Ebony Black Leather with white embroidery for MEW, the Pokemon.


Good luck everyone! And if you can’t decide on one thing, you can enter several different ideas and see what happens!




This post is sponsored by MAHI Leather Ltd.