Bring Back Polyvore

Polyvore 2

A set the team at Polyvore made to announce the SSENSE takeover.

Polyvore was a platform that aggregated fashion, home, and beauty items from thousands of different websites. It was like Amazon, but without putting other retailers out of business (clicking a product on Polyvore directed the user straight to the original retailer’s website, where the transaction would take place). More than that, Polyvore was a place to make mood boards and collage art, which they called “sets”, about anything one would want to express, not just fashion or beauty or home. I made my family’s Christmas cards on Polyvore. All of the collages on this blog came from Polyvore. Sometimes I even used Polyvore to make sets that expressed pain that I felt but could not really articulate.

Sets by asia-12 and marianasm, whose bodies of work I cannot link to for obvious reasons.

Polyvore was a place that kept people informed of fashion trends by providing a daily list of its most common search terms for free; a place to discover brands and stores that you might never have found otherwise; a place to explore high-end fashion without having to be able to afford it; and a way to interact with fashion in a stimulating, game-like format as opposed to scrolling through the typical clothing website and merely clicking on things to add to your shopping cart.

Sets by dezaval and masayuki4499.

I found out about The RealReal in 2013 because Polyvore linked to their items. Now I work for them full-time as a copywriter. Many of the businesses placed on Polyvore in their early days might have failed otherwise. And Polvyore even started listing products from Etsy, helping artists like my sister ( gain exposure and increase sales.

Polyvore 13

A set by mcrepower (see, who signed up for Polyvore and made several sets just one day before it shut down. 

But last Thursday, online retailer SSENSE announced that not only had they acquired Polyvore, but they were shutting it down. I only ever knew about SSENSE because of Polyvore. If it wasn’t for Polyvore, I would never have visited their website or used any of their products here on Blissful Style! SSENSE benefited from Polyvore, and although they did pay Polyvore to acquire the company, SSENSE is really stabbing Polyvore in the back by removing its presence, by disconnecting its 20 million active users and 2 million daily users and by burying its unique tools to experience fashion into oblivion.

Polyvore Set 9

One of my own sets!

Please sign this petition. The Polyvore data is still there, through If SSENSE has the ability to download users’ past Polyvore creations and email them, then they have the ability to bring it all back.

Polyvore 4

Places to Sign:

Care2 Petitions


@BBPolyvore on Twitter

For More Information:

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Life & Style


Silicon Valley Business Journal

Tech Crunch

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