Holiday Style — The Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July everybody! I was in Noho when I spotted the above American Apparel, because it’s hard to miss. One doesn’t have to so much as enter to see camis, bustiers, tank tops, crop tops, tees, leggings, baseball caps, swimwear, and towels emblazoned with the American flag. I think it’s pretty boring to observe a holiday without dressing for it — I personally dress up for Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas — so I appreciate this store’s spirit. That said, I think there is a more creative way to dress for the Fourth, and that is the Three-Color Rule: wear red, white, and blue, to the exclusion of other colors.


Fourth of July 4

Bustier, XOXO; jeans, Boom Boom; sunglasses, St. Mark’s Place; belt, Apt. 9

Mars Jacket      Pier One Ring

Vintage cropped jacket; Pier 1 ring

The difference between wearing red, white, and blue versus wearing the American flag is like the difference between showing and telling. The flag motif means THE FOURTH OF JULY; whoever buys that merchandise at American Apparel might only want to wear it once a year, perhaps pulling it out of the closet on an election day. With the Three-Color Rule, you can wear items that would each make sense any other day of the year, while still effectively communicating “Fourth of July” with their particular combination. You can stand apart. Your favored juxtaposition might not be blue on the left, red on the right, and white in between. Your print of choice might not be stars, or even stripes. Your shirt will look different from the next person’s. It’s the perfect way to make the holiday your own!

Fourth of July 3    Fourth of July 2

Dress, Gap; headband, Forever 21; belt, Charter Club; lips purse, Far Nine

Macy's Pearl Necklace    Linea Paolo

Necklace, Macy’s private label; chunky sandals, Paolo

Sophie Watch 2   Claire's ring

Sophie watch; Claire’s ring

And the best part is, you don’t have to buy anything new…and even if you don’t have a single bright red or dark blue item in your closet, whatever you buy, you can wear again and again.

Fourth of July 5

Lux cami; Forever 21 skirt and sash

Fourth of July 6   Forever 21 Bracelet 2

Forever 21 bow pumps; Forever 21 bracelet

Vintage Handbag    Vintage Handbag 2

Vintage handbag

Fourth of July 7

Abercrombie & Fitch cropped sweater; Lauren Ralph Lauren blazer; H&M jeans; Nine West newsboy cap

Vintage brooch    Forever 21 Ring

Vintage brooch; Forever 21 ring

Fourth of July 9

Top, Forever 21; skirt, American Apparel (see, they’re not all bad!); headband, Anna Belen; handbag, Gucci

Betty Boop Watch   Betty Boop Watch 2

Watch, Betty Boop


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