Love This Brand — Balmain

I have always had a bit of a problem with jeans. In middle school, what bothered me was the fact that everyone else wore them. I was like the quintessential hipster who detests anything “mainstream”, if the quintessential hipster wore cloche hats, chunky pumps, and cords. Later on, jeans were simply too plain, too casual, too tomboyish for me.

How wrong I was. Now that I have outgrown the traumatic ignorance of high school, I can see that jeans do not have to be a badge of conformity. These days, jeans in bold colors and wild prints are trendy, but not so trendy as to be feared by a dogmatic individualist. Balmain in particular is a brand that makes jeans loud, wild, sexy, and downright luxurious. Here are the craziest/best pairs I’ve seen:

Balmain Yes  Balmain 2 Yes Balmain 3 Yes  Balmain 4 Yes  Balmain 5 Yes   Balmain 6 Yes  Balmain 7 Yes   Balmain 8 Yes  Balmain 9 Yes

1. Black and white jeans, $860

2. Printed moto jeans, $2,375

3. Zebra-print stretch denim biker jeans, $1,035

4. Printed stretch cotton denim jeans, $1,212

5. Leopard-print mid-rise skinny biker jeans, $992

6. Biker jeans, $1,121

7. Biker tie-dye cotton jeans, $2,041

8. Tie-dye stretch denim jeans, $1,403

9. Biker tie-dye cotton jeans, $2,041


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