Neighborhood Store — Patricia Field

Charlotte Olympia Popcorn                              Movie Popcorn Purse

Save $536
Charlotte Olympia, $600                     Patricia Field, $64

                     Shiny Milk Carton Purse

Save $4,760
Chanel, $4,800                                           Patricia Field, $40

Tu Es Mon Tresor 2                        Stripe Fake Fur Clutch

Save $809
Tu Es Mon Tresor, $895                             Patricia Field, $86

Les Petite Joueurs        Robot Face Purse

Save $522
Les Petits Joueurs, $610                             Patricia Field, $88

Charlotte Olympia Flirty         Pin Up Clutch

Save $1,047
Charlotte Olympia, $1,115                           Patricia Field, $68


Save $4,967
Kathrine Baumann, $4,995                          Patricia Field, $28

                           Action Movie Purse

Save $567
Charlotte Olympia, $663                               Patricia Field, $96

Patricia Field is a highly acclaimed costume designer. She won an Emmy for her work on Sex and the City, and was nominated for an Academy Award for The Devil Wears Prada. Her eponymous boutique is located on 306 Bowery in Manhattan…a block away from my dorm room!

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