Blissful Style
Kiss Me

White jacket
$1,135 –

Balmain short skirt
$6,120 –

Katrin Langer red handbag

Gold bangle

Fendi watch

Diamond ring

Lanvin bead necklace
$1,255 –

Dolce Gabbana heart jewelry

Artelier gold earrings

Lalique home decor

Sunburst wall clock

Michael Aram scented candle

4 Replies to “Kiss Me”

    1. Me too, I could not believe it when I found it! The “girl in this outfit” is sweet and romantic, but she is also successful, self-made, and cosmopolitan. She has traveled all over that map (er, bracelet). I know that when I was in high school, if I saw a beautiful well-dressed girl with a wealthy husband, I would think “I wish I were beautiful enough to get a guy like that”. Girls should be thinking, “I wish I were skilled enough to make as much as her husband”! Some do think like that, but there are plenty who don’t. The world bracelet, as well as the snake bracelet and the tiger sculpture, are meant to symbolize power.

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